The project will have a long term impact on local communities involved as increased youth capabilities to exploit economic potential of territories will lead to socio-economic development.

The main expected results of the project are:

Youth living in rural areas with newly acquired or reinforced key competences including basic, transversal and soft skills entrepreneurial and digital skills of the co-working strartupper.

Unemployed youth with increased opportunities of self-employment and employability thanks to the relevant skills gained for exploiting potentialities of territories through the reconversion and management of spaces.

Youth with reinforced open up mindset for cross-sectorial cooperation allowing greater synergies with other professionals / workers / startuppers and across different business and local development actors.

           Intellectual Outputs of the project:

            IO 1 – State of the art and map of opportunities.





          IO 2 – European qualification framework for co-working start-upper.




            IO 3 -Training programme for the co-worker start-upper


          IO 4 – E-book. Start-up and management of Coworking spaces.



          IO 6 – Best practices and open challenges booklet