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11 months ago
How The Coworking Ecosystem Champions Are Creating Communities And Enabling Startups

How the coworking ecosystem champions are creating communities and enabling startups: let's look at some numbers from India!


India has about 300 coworking spaces, where homegrown coworking players are helping startups build communities and set the right work culture

11 months ago
Don't Stop Me Now: Coworking Industry Still Growing At Incredible Pace

Coworking Industry Still Growing At Incredible Pace


According to multiple reports, coworking is still growing like a new industry even after years in the public eye, and even in coworking-rich New York.

11 months ago
Paperworld 2019: How 'Activating' A Space Leads To Greater Collaboration | AllWork.Space

Workplace = function + emotion


At Paperworld's Future Office conference in Germany, speakers discussed how to 'activate' a workspace by focusing on the needs of its occupiers.

11 months ago
Is There A Case For Women-Centric, Co-Ed Coworking Spaces?

Interesting article via Forbes


Should "for women, by women" coworking spaces exclude men from obtaining a membership? Two women who founded female-focused coworking spaces that do in fact allow men as card carrying members weighed in on their decision to remain gender inclusive.

11 months ago
Hotel x coworking space: The future of hospitality

Coworking inside hotels? It actually makes sense!


Coworking spaces are something you do not expect in a hotel but they are becoming more popular as more employees embrace flexible jobs and more entrepreneurs and start-ups are building their business on the road.

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