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1 year ago
Coworking Spaces – the Working Environment beyond Shared Offices | Youth Time Magazine

#Coworking is a buzzword. It also sounds very trendy, or maybe already obsolete.
While most of these places combine #working and #networking, it is rather challenging to provide a distinctive work atmosphere and something more than physical spaces where people can work.

Coworking is a buzzword. It also sounds very trendy, or maybe already obsolete. In a city like Brussels, the hub of Europe, shared offices are a normal part of

1 year ago
Global Coworking Survey 2018 - YoRoom

What are the services used within coworking spaces? Why are people choosing to work within coworking? How are coworking spaces linked with local communities?

Come ogni anno, Deskmag.com ha realizzato un sondaggio globale sulle tipicità degli spazi di coworking, grazie al supporto di alcune società tra cui WUN Systems, Nexudus Spaces e Essensys. Sono state molte le curiosità che il sondaggio è riuscito ad evidenziare; anzitutto Deskmag mostra come, ne...

1 year ago
Why Companies Are Creating Their Own Coworking Spaces

What are the needs in Companies about creating their own co-working spaces? 🤔 #coworking #employess

How to support the new parents on your team.

1 year ago
5 Most Beautiful Coworking Spaces In The World

✔️Here 5 of the most beautiful Coworking Spaces In The World!
✔️Check them out!
#coworkingspaces #

Here are the world's most beautiful coworking spaces—in a converted opium factory, an old Bank building with 50-foot vaulted ceilings, and other interesting places.

1 year ago
Is Coworking the Future?

Is coworking the future?


Let's look at the evolution of the workplace.

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